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One simple application to start accepting credit/debit cards for your MMJ business

MMJ Merchant Services

Cash vault and ATM depository

  • Seed-to-Sale Software Integration: Control inventory & always stay in compliance with seamless Seed-to-Sale Software integration
  • Streamlined Patient Order Processing: Patients can order directly from the simple to use touch screen kiosk & pay with their preferred payment method of choice
  • Risk Reduction – Cash Vault Service: Our kiosk acts as an on site cash vault reducing risk of theft dramatically. MMJ merchant services & credit card processing makes deposits automated and hassle free.

Accept credit and debit cards

  • MMJ merchant services to accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX & PIN Based Debit Cards
  • State or city licensed Grows, Dispensary or Delivery service only
  • No Application fees or start up fees
  • Credit rates starting at 5.95% plus a $.040 transaction fee
  • Debit rates starting at only $.040 transaction fee
  • Deposits into an offshore bank account in 7-10 business days


  • Main Application Functionality
  • POS Features
  • Smooth & Fast Checkout
  • Sell Anywhere
  • Turn Your Budtenders Into Rock Stars
  • Reliable – Always There When You Need It